Dead Space Remake High CPU Usage – Boost Gaming Performance

Gamers all over the world are interested in the much-anticipated Dead Space Remake. But as excited gamers started to play, many of them ran into the same problem: the CPU was being used in an extremely high way.

How do I fix 100% CPU usage while gaming? To mitigate Dead Space Remake’s high CPU usage, update graphics drivers, lower in-game settings, check for game updates, and ensure your PC’s cooling system is efficient.

Dead Space Remake High CPU Usage
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In this piece, we’ll look at why this is happening and give you some ways to play Dead Space Remake without putting too much stress on your CPU.

How Can I Reduce CPU Usage In Dead Space Remake?

1. Update Your Graphics Drivers:

Updates to your graphics driver are necessary to make sure that your GPU works well with the newest games and apps. Developers often add new features and improvements to games that depend on current driver support. 

Does a better GPU reduce CPU usage? By keeping your drivers up-to-date, you’ll make sure that your GPU can talk to the game well. This will prevent problems like high CPU usage, which can happen when drivers are out of date.

2. Lower In-Game Settings:

When you lower the quality of your textures, you put less stress on your CPU because lower-resolution textures take less processing power. 

Changing the quality of shadows can have a significant effect on how much CPU is used. Shadows take a lot of processing power, so lowering the shadow settings can make the CPU’s job easier and improve speed. 

3. Background Processes Management:

Close apps that use a lot of resources, like web browsers and video services, before starting Dead Space Remake. Stopping background processes that aren’t needed frees up your CPU’s resources, making games smoother and reducing CPU load. 

Background Processes Management
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With this tweak, your PC can use all of its power to give you an immersive game experience without being distracted by other programs.

4. Monitor And Optimize Hardware:

Using monitoring tools, you can keep an eye on the CPU temperature and how much it is being used while playing Dead Space Remake. High temperatures could mean that something is wrong with the cooling system. 

To fix CPU bottlenecks, think about upgrading the CPU or adding more RAM to boost speed. By keeping an eye on these numbers on a regular basis, you can make sure you’re playing at your best, reduce the chance of your computer burning, and improve your gaming experience.

5. Game Patches And Updates:

Keep an eye out for patches and updates from the makers of Dead Space Remake. Most of the time, these updates fix bugs and make improvements that have a direct effect on CPU usage and general performance. 

By installing these updates as soon as possible, you can make sure your game runs more smoothly and put less strain on your CPU, taking advantage of the makers’ ongoing efforts to make games more stable and efficient.

6. Consider Game Mode:

Modern PCs often have a “Game Mode” that uses the system’s resources in the best way for the game being played. Enabling this mode helps Dead Space Remake because it ensures that the game gets more CPU power. 

By doing this, you improve speed by reducing the amount of resources used in the background. This makes the game run more smoothly and uses less CPU, which makes it more fun to play.

7. Monitor CPU Temperature:

Why is monitoring CPU temps significant when dealing with high CPU usage? CPUs that are used more often tend to get hotter, which could affect their performance. 

Keep your CPU from burning by keeping its temperature within safe limits. Clean your PC’s cooling system often to get rid of dust and other things that can block airflow. 

Monitor CPU Temperature
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If you need to, you can improve your PC’s airflow by adding more cooling options or making the case airier. By keeping the temperature under control, you can keep the CPU running at its best and reduce the chance of problems.

8. Adjust Resolution And Scaling:

By changing the game’s resolution and scaling, you can cut down on CPU usage, but the graphic quality will suffer. By trying out different resolutions, you can find a good mix between performance and the quality of the graphics. By lowering the resolution, the CPU and GPU have to deal with fewer pixels, which makes the CPU’s job easier. 

9. Disable Unused Hardware:

Disabling gear that isn’t being used, like integrated graphics or extra monitors, can help reduce CPU usage. Even when they aren’t being used, these parts may use up system resources, which puts more stress on the CPU. By turning them off, you make sure that your CPU’s working power is used more efficiently. 

10. Verify Game Files:

When a game like Dead Space Remake doesn’t run well, it’s essential to check the game files through the game browser, like Steam. This process checks the game’s files to make sure they are not broken or changed in any way. If any problems are found, the launcher will automatically update or fix the files that are causing them.

11. Monitor CPU Affinity:

The speed of Dead Space Remake can be improved by optimizing the CPU affinity. Right-click on the game process in Task Manager, choose “Go to details,” and then right-click again to get to “Set affinity.” 

Try giving the game to different CPU parts and seeing what happens. This way, it can make the workload more evenly spread out, which could reduce CPU usage.

12. Check For Third-Party Software Conflicts:

Some third-party software, like overlays and tools that improve speed, need to work better with games and cause the CPU to be used a lot. To figure out what’s wrong, you could quickly disable or uninstall these programs to see how they affect performance.

Check For Third-Party Software Conflicts
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This can help you figure out if any of these third-party tools are using too much CPU and let you play Dead Space Remake more smoothly.

13. Consider Hardware Upgrades:

If your CPU is always being used up by demanding games, consider upgrading your CPU or other gear. Talk to a professional or do some study to find out what upgrades will work with your system.

Remember that these solutions may or may not work for you based on your hardware and how your system is set up. Finding the best choices and optimizations for your PC may take some trial and error.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Is My CPU Usage So High And My GPU So Low?

Tasks or programs that run in the background can use up a lot of system resources, which can lead to problems like a high CPU but a low GPU, a slow or broken starting, etc. In this case, just close all the tasks and apps that are running in the background that you don’t need.

2. Can 100% CPU Usage Damage The CPU?

It’s okay for a CPU to run at 100% usage for a short amount of time when it’s doing its most work. But running at full capacity or hitting performance thresholds all the time could mean that resources need to be used better, that the machine needs to be more powerful, or that it could be damaged by heat.

3. How Do I Know If My CPU Is Bottlenecking My GPU?

It would help if you looked at “CPU Impact on FPS,” which should be 10% or less. This number will tell you if an incompatibility between the CPU and GPU is causing a slowdown and if upgrading either part will fix the problem.

4. Why Are Games Using CPU Instead Of GPU?

The main reason is that there is a setting that makes your games skip your GPU and do all the graphics work on the CPU instead. Sometimes, you can find these settings in tools for managing performance, which we will talk about later.


Getting rid of the high CPU usage in Dead Space Remake is vital if you want to enjoy the game. By using the tips and improvements given, players can reduce CPU load by a lot and make the game run more smoothly. 

Key steps include changing the graphics settings in the game, keeping drivers up to date, keeping an eye on the CPU temperature, and turning off background processes that aren’t needed. 

You can also improve speed by checking game files, using game modes, and experimenting with CPU affinity. All of these things help make Dead Space Remake run better and be more fun without CPU-related performance problems.